Greta is a female chihuahua/dachshund mix around 2 years old. She was recently returned due to no fault of her own. Greta is a complete sweetheart! She is super loyal to her person, and will be by your side always! She is house trained, and does not need to be crated. She plays well with […]


Raleigh is a female beagle mix around 3 years old. She was recently returned due to no fault of her own. Raleigh is a sweet and loyal girl! She loves to lounge on the couch or her persons bed. She is completely house trained and doesn’t need to be crated when her people aren’t home. […]


Milan is a 2 year old terrier mix. She is the absolute sweetest dog. She loves to play with others and knows no stranger. She’s not much of a barker even when those around her are making a lot of noise. She goes outside but prefers to be indoors. Even though she’s not much of […]


Rex is a male shepherd kid around 3 years old. Rex is the most loyal boy. He truly loves to be around his people and will follow you from room to room! He is very laid back and loves to just relax all day with his people! Rex tolerates the presence of other dogs as […]


Selena is a female Anatolian/Pyrenees mix. This sweet girl was found as a stray. Selena is potty trained and crate trained. She will hang out in her crate she loves it so much! She is very affectionate and loves sitting on the couch with her people getting pets. If you stop, she gently puts her […]


Annie is a female lab/pit mix around 4 and a half years old. She and her brother were recently surrendered to us by their owner. Annie is a laid-back family’s dream come true! She is a calm, sweet tempered girl who mostly just wants to nap all day. She is house-trained and crate-trained. She is […]


Lady Violet is a female shepherd mix. She was kept outside on a chain while pregnant so her owner thankfully surrendered her to us. This little lady is patiently awaiting her little pups! She is in a warm, safe place and finally knows what it’s like to have comfort! We just know she will be […]


Kyra is a 2 year old lab mix that we pulled from the Norman shelter as a pregnant stray. She was in very rough condition when she came to us. She was covered in ticks, had mange, and was heavily pregnant. She delivered her pups with us and then had to be separated from them. […]


Tallie is a 1 year old lab mix and is very special girl! She thrives being near her human and loves pets and cuddles. Unfortunately, Tallie was diagnosed with sub-aortic stenosis, which is the narrowing of the aortic valve in her heart. This results in her heart having to work much harder. Tallie has been […]


Malik is a male chihuahua/boston terrier mix a little over a year old. Malik is a small boy with the biggest heart. He loves to be next to you at all times. He loves toys of all kinds and is great at playing fetch. He is house and crate trained. He will sleep in his […]