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Our Goal

Our hope is to continue to grow to save as many lives as possible. We have grown tremendously over the years and owe it to our generous donors and volunteers. We have been able to open a small, private boarding facility since we were established in 2017. There, we have room to house 5 adult dogs, and have a small nursery with room for mama’s and their litters. The Dog House has been a crucial part of our mission. We would love to continue to grow this facility allowing for more dogs in need of rescue, and outdoor space for playtime and training. We invest our all in our dogs and hope to continue to do so for many years to come!

The love from a rescue dog is unconditional love

Letter from our founder

I have always had such a strong passion for animals, specifically dogs. I never had any desire work with dogs as a veterinarian, groomer, or dog trainer. I knew, however, that God had called upon me to help them in some way. It really wasn’t until now that God showed me what to do with this passion. Growing up in Oklahoma, there are lost and abandoned dogs everywhere. I felt such a strong calling to help those in need. I realized the only difference between these dogs dealing with death, starvation, neglect and them having a happy, fulfilled life was just what I could do for them. If I took a little bit of my time and love, I could completely change the entire future of these dogs. Not only was I saving lives, I was watching them become a part of a family. I learned that when we do just a little to help them, they will spend the entirety of their lives helping and loving us back.

I started fostering for other rescues and taking care of as many dogs as I could. Still, it didn’t feel like enough. I had so many ideas for the rescue dogs and wanted to these ideas to flourish. That’s when the idea of Puppy Haven was born. God gave me a heart, not only for dogs, but for people too. I knew Puppy Haven was supposed to be for everyone. When people adopt, they are adding on to their family. I believe that is to be celebrated for the dog and for the people. What makes Puppy Haven different is not only the quality of care the dogs receive, but what is experienced through the adoption process. It is a positive experience for the people, not just the dogs.

My hope is to grow big enough that not only are we helping the dogs, but the dogs are helping people. My hope is that these lost, neglected, and homeless dogs can be healing to the humans who are lost or suffering. How powerful it is to take something so small and broken and turn it into something so pure. I lay hands in prayer on every single one of my rescues, that their lives be so joyous and that they be a source of comfort and love to everyone they encounter. I am 99% sure that the love that comes from a rescue dog is the closest thing to knowing unconditional love. This is the love I choose everyday.

– Breanne Luiskutty

Meet the Team

We are so thankful for our wonderful team of volunteers! Each person on our team is beyond committed to serving and loving our rescue pups in the best way possible! There is so much heart in what we do.

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