Age: 6 years

Breed: Shepherd mix

Color: Black/tan


Adoption fee: $240

Story: Bashful was surrendered to us by his owner

Bashful lives up to his name! He loves people, and loves attention! He enjoys going for a long run or a game of fetch, and then snuggling on the couch with his human. He also loves sleeping in bed with you, but is just as content sleeping in his kennel with a stuffy. He is kenneled when no one is home, as he has a tendency to try and find leftovers in the trash when he gets bored. He is a sucker for kids, but can sometimes be a little too rambunctious for their liking. He is very indifferent to cats and small dogs, but he thinks they’re his toys and tries to carry them around. He has recently discovered a love for water and swimming! If given the opportunity, he will jump in the shower with you. He absolutely LOVES his ball and Nylabones!

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