Adoption Process

We are very careful in considering our applications. It is very important to us that we do everything we can to be sure our rescue’s are going to good, safe, and forever homes! 

• Apply by submitting the application form below.

• All boxes must be filled out! If not applicable, please put N/A.

• It is required that a dog name be listed. We do not accept general applications.

• Please list first, second, and third choice when applying to adopt a puppy. 

• We do not accept applications for meet-and-greets. If you apply for a puppy, you are applying to adopt and finalize if approved.

If applying for a pup 5 months or older, we will consider a sleepover to determine a good fit before finalizing.

We do not adopt pups younger than 12 weeks further than 150 miles from Tulsa, OK. While we do adopt out 12 weeks or older out of state, we do not provide transport services and adopters are required to pick up their dog in person to finalize for adoption. Additionally, there may be times the pup has not received all three puppy vaccinations by 12 weeks old. These puppy shots are covered under the adoption fee, but only at our local vet. If you adopt a 12 week old pup from out of state, who has not received all three puppy vaccinations, and decide to use your own local vet, please understand this will not be covered by Puppy Haven Rescue. 

• We cut off applications every Monday at midnight. As reviewing applications is a week long process, all applications received after Monday will be considered that following week.

• Our adoption fees vary from $200-$500, depending on the necessary care provided for the dog.

• We communicate approval decisions Wednesday – Friday, and schedule adoption pick-up on Saturday’s.

If you have further questions regarding the adoption process, please check out our FAQ page.

Adoption Fee

The adoption fee covers the vetting of our rescues. This includes:
• Spay or neuter
• The first three rounds of their puppy shots
• Microchipping
• We keep our rescues up to date on heartworm preventative, as well as flea and tick preventative
• In our adult rescues, this covers any medical attention they may need.

How this works:  You are required to take your new puppy to our vet, Woodland West Animal Hospital up until their spay/neuter.
• After completing their shots and spay/neuter, you are then allowed to take your new rescue to your personal vet!
• If you are adopting an adult, they should be fully vetted by adoption day and may not require further vetting through Puppy Haven.

If you have further questions regarding the adoption fee, please check out our FAQ page.

Application Form

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