We are very careful in considering our applications. It is very important to us that we do everything we can to be sure our rescue’s are going to good, safe, and forever homes! If you are approved for adoption, it is possible to have your new dog home in a week – we do not do same day adoption.

Here are the important things we look for on an application:

→ Vet Reference:  Annual and up-to-date vet care for current and past dogs

→ Fenced in yard:  For those who live in a home, we require a fenced in yard. The type of fence may differ depending upon the dog!


The adoption fee covers the vetting of our rescues. This includes spay/neuter, the first three rounds of their puppy shots, and microchipping. For most puppies, this is the veterinary care for the first 6 months of their life. We start our dogs on heartworm preventative, as well as flea and tick preventative. In our adult rescues, this covers any medical attention they may need.

How this works:  You are required to take your new puppy to our vet, Woodland West Animal Hospital up until their spay/neuter. After completing their shots and spay/neuter, you are then allowed to take your new rescue to your personal vet! *If you are adopting an adult, they should be fully vetted by adoption day and may not require further vetting through Puppy Haven.

Apply by submitting the application form below (note: all boxes must be filled out. If it’s non-applicable to you, please put n/a. Thanks!). Please list the name of the dog that you would like to apply to adopt – we do require dog specificity and will no longer accept general applications to hold on file.

We cut off applications on Monday on midnight. As reviewing applications is a week long process, all applications received after Monday will be considered that following week. 

WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR MEET AND GREET FOR MOST DOGS. If you apply to adopt a puppy or dog and are approved, you are applying to finalize and take home that dog.

Or download a PDF form and give it to us at an upcoming event.

Application Form

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