Age: 6 years

Breed: Bichon

Color: White

Weight: 14 lbs

Adoption fee: $450

Creampuff is a doll of a girl. She had a rough start to life, but is quickly learning that people can be loving and fun. She is doing well with learning to potty outside, especially when taken out often. She loves her crate and goes in it on her own to sleep. She sleeps well in her crate through the night and politely asks to be let out in the morning. Creampuff typically roams the house freely during the day, but she’s also okay staying in a puppy playpen or large crate if needed for a few hours. She is curious about other dogs and gets along with them. She has not been tested with cats, but she has a timid nature, so would probably be fine.

Creampuff is scared of small children and would likely do best in a home with older or no children. She doesn’t understand that she’s a fancy dog and really loves to rub her face in the dirt and roll around in the grass. That’s okay though! She enjoys a bath and getting cleaned up. Her favorite thing is snuggling on the couch or getting scratched on the back of the head. She will smile to heaven with the right scritches. She has learned to walk on a leash very quickly and is a smart girl. Creampuff is a darling who needs a home where she can continue to come out of her shell and show how much love she has to give.

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