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Puppy Haven Rescue is a non-profit 501(c)(3) based in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area, created to save dogs who have been neglected, abandoned, impounded, or forgotten. The dogs in these unfortunate circumstances did not choose this for themselves, but rather, this was chosen for them. Puppy Haven Rescue is committed to giving these animals the great life they deserve.

At Puppy Haven Rescue, we believe every life is valuable so we welcome all breeds of every size and age. Our rescues are given the best care to assure they are healthy, socialized, and ready to be a part of a family. We require our dogs to be adopted out to "approved" homes to ensure the amount of love, safety, and care they are given. We are dedicated to finding the right fit for you and your family and are willing to work with you to make sure the rescue you choose to adopt is the right one for your home.


What is new with PHR?

We are hosting a Dog-A-Thon!

aka: a good ol' fashioned Jog-A-Thon

Mark your calendars for September 29th, 2018 and warm up your jogging shoes!

More information coming soon!


Puppy Haven Rescue recently took in it's 400th dog.

FOUR HUNDRED dogs in our 14th months of existence. 400 dogs who were rescued, saved, cared for, and adopted out to loving homes.

We are SO HONORED to have rescued 400 dogs. We could not have done it without your help.

Help us to save more!

Consider donating to Puppy Haven Rescue to aid in our efforts to rescue 400 more dogs and puppies!

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To view our available to rescues - Available Rescues

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Donate to Puppy Haven

When you donate to Puppy Haven Rescue, you are contributing directly to:

The medical care of our rescues
Any unforeseen ailment, injury or illness
Food and special needs for our adult dogs
Puppy pads, puppy food, toys
Crates, beds, and toys

We appreciate anything you can give to our rescues! Any small amount allows us to continue  our mission to rescue as many dogs and puppies in need.
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