Blanca is a female pyrenees mix. She is sweet and spicy! She may be smaller than her brothers, but do NOT let that fool you! She loves to play tug and wrestle with her brothers. She really likes to sleep in her cozy bed, but likes to be out exploring if not sleeping. She does […]


Elbert is a male pyreness mix. He is extremely sweet and laid back. He is a healthy, growing boy! He loves to cuddle with his humans. He is food motivated and is getting very interested in testing the waters to see if the big dogs will play! He whines to go outside to potty when […]


Pike is a male pyrenees mix. He is so loyal! He will follow his foster mam all over the yard, even when he is tired. He plays great with his siblings, but loves to cuddle with his humans. He has beautiful blue eyes and a fun multicolored nose! He goes outside to potty very well, […]


Phoenix is a female heeler/pyrenees mix. She and her siblings were rescued from TAW. She is the cutest! She is pretty active and loves playing outside and going on walks! When she is tired, she loves to lay down in your lap and take a nice snooze. She is working on potty training outside, but […]


Ogre is a male heeler/pyrenees mix. He and his siblings were rescued from TAW. He loves to play with his sister, though he seems just as content playing with a toy by himself as he does playing with the other dogs. He enjoys quick lovin’s and lap time, then he is ready to play again. […]


Dwarf is a male heeler/pyrenees mix. He and his siblings were rescued from TAW. He is the most cuddly thing around! He can be playful, but is always okay with chilling next to his people on the couch. He loves his bones and chew toys for play time. He also loves the outdoors! He is […]


Coop is a male pyrenees mix. He was a part of an accidental litter. When he first came to us, he was slow to warm up and a bit fearful. He is starting to warm up to his foster family now! He sleeps through the night and goes outside with the big dogs in the […]


Filbert is a Husky mixed with Redbone Coonhound. He is just about a year old. Filbert is a happy, energetic puppy who is working with a trainer. He’s learning “sit”, “down”, “come” and to temper his enthusiasm. He is also learning boundaries. He likes to play with other dogs, but he does play rough. He […]


Yana is a female Husky mix around a year old. Yana is going to make a wonderful addition to an active family. She LOVES her people. She wants to be with you at ALL times. She follows you around the house, lays by you if you are working, cuddles on the couch, and even sticks […]