Age: 11 months

DOB: 10/10/22

Breed: German Shepherd mix

Color: Brown

Story: Kodi was born to mama Tatum, adopted out as a pup and recently returned due to no fault of his own.Kodi is a lover boy! He loves to follow you every where and just be with his people. He loves to give kisses around your neck and lives for attention! He will playfully give you love nibbles on your bottom for attention. He is a very funny boy! He has been doing great with training and learning his manners. He does know “sit” command well and we are working on leash walking. He does well by himself but is easily distracted when walking with other dogs.

He stays in his crate at night, and will let you know if he needs to go out to potty. He also stays in the crate during the day while his fosters are at work, about 5 hours at a time. He is working on perfecting potty training, and his fosters are teaching him to ring the bell to go out.

He loves to play with the other dogs and gets along well with them. He’s seen the cat in his foster home, but not been inquisitive or wanting to attack. He has not been around kiddos, but his fosters think he would do well. He still has that puppy energy, but will be a great family dog as he matures!

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