Yana is a female Husky mix around a year old. Yana is going to make a wonderful addition to an active family. She LOVES her people. She wants to be with you at ALL times. She follows you around the house, lays by you if you are working, cuddles on the couch, and even sticks her head in the shower. She is an extremely intelligent dog and has learned sit, lay down, and shake. She’s working on leave it, stay and come on command. She’s doing great on walks with no pulling and runs 4 miles+ with no problem! She is the PERFECT running buddy and will go your pace.

Yana does have a lot of energy and would do best with daily runs or walks. She does calm down after some playtime and will nap quietly by you for 90% of the day. She is potty trained and hasn’t had any accidents. She sleeps through the night and would do fine sleeping on a dog bed in her peoples room. She does need to be crated when no one is home because she has some separation anxiety and will anxiously look everywhere for her people until they come home. She has had some restaurant patio time and does great! She is very well behaved in public. Super happy to meet people but also well controlled. Yana is dog friendly, but would also do great as an only dog!

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