Age: 7 months

Breed: Lab mix

Weight: 48 lbs

Color: Chocolate

Story: Woodstock was rescued from the OKC shelter

Woodstock is a fun loving, playful and handsome boy! He enjoys playing fetch outside, going on walks and lounging in the sun. He is finally learning what toys are – stuffies that squeak are his favorites. He also won’t turn down a good chew bone. As playful as he is, he is also extremely calm and will take any opportunity to have couch time with his human.

He gets along great with other dogs and is good with children. He has had no accidents in the house, is crate trained and goes willingly when told to “crate up”. Woodstock knows sit and is working on other basic commands. He seems eager to please his person and looks for reassurance that he’s a good boy. He is great on a leash, but is a bit fearful getting into the car. He rides really well once he’s in and lays in the backseat quietly. Because he’s an active guy he’d do best with another dog friend to play with and a yard where he can run and go on adventures. An active family would be a huge plus. Woodstock has been a great companion and any family who gets him will be lucky!


– Chew bones

– A loving family

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