Age: 4 years old

Breed: Shepherd mix

Color: Black

Story: William was found as a stray

William is the perfect dog for someone who wants to feel loved, feel an unmatched loyalty and have their heart melt every day, he has SO much love to give! He is kind and respectful, never jumps on you, barks at strangers, is too pushy, ect. He’d love nothing more than to sleep at your feet during morning coffee and snuggle over movies at night. He knows “sit”, “down”, “stay” and “shake” and would be soooo easy to teach any trick to! He is not crate-trained but he doesn’t mind going in it. This guy just wants to please and is incredibly smart. He loves going on walks and meeting new people.

With that said, William has never known a stranger. He loves them all, big and small. He’s been excellent with the rowdy crew of dogs, tolerates the puppy shenanigans and is great with the cats as well! He’s incredibly respectful of livestock too. Although he doesn’t mind a treat here and there, he really prefers human attention and affection over treats, but when he is interested in a treat he takes them so gently out of your hand. He’s never chewed up anything or barked at anyone. He’s potty trained, however, outside he’s liable to mark flower pots, side of buildings, tires, ect. Despite all he’s been through with being dumped, fending for himself in two weeks of Oklahoma’s 100 degree temps to being hit by car he is SO forgiving of his past and loves without restraint. We know they all deserve a happy ending, but this one has a special tug on our hearts.

All in all William is a wonderful dog just waiting for his second chance at a beautiful life with a loving home.

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