Age: 1 year

Breed: Great Pyrenees mix

Color: White

Story: Whitley was found as a stray in Seminole

Miss Whitley, Oh how do I describe thee! Her tail wags all the time and is so happy each morning. She still has a lot of fun puppy attitude, but is potty trained and crate trained for her bedtime sleep which lasts 6-8 hours! She can be a little shy when first meeting someone, but loves cuddles and hugs from children and adults. Whitley is fantastic with other dogs. She loves the other Pyrenees pup in her foster home. She is calm with grumpy cats who don’t like dogs. She looks to her foster friend as an older brother and is not afraid to roughhouse with him after a full belly. She is learning to patrol the fence line in our yard and they both enjoy chasing squirrels! She loves playing with her friend and enjoys a nap in the sun alongside him.

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