Age: 2 years

Breed: French Bulldog

Color: Gray/tan

Story: Wayne was surrendered to us as a puppy, adopted out and recently returned

Wayne! What a joy to have in your life. He will never fail to bring a smile to your face. He is potty trained and crate trained, but also does fine being left out. We have yet to see him chew on or get into anything he isn’t supposed to. He loves playing with his smaller foster siblings, he does fine with the bigger dogs too as long as they don’t play very rough. He also loves his cat foster sibling!

Wayne is like a little old man. He can’t be out in the heat or cold for too long, or go on long walks due to his smushy face. Like many other Frenchies, he also has allergies and is required to take his allergy medicine daily. He would do best in a home with humans and animals that can respect his boundaries. He is small and fragile so he is not a fan of rough play.

His absolute favorite thing is to be next to his people. He loves nothing more than to crawl in your lap to get a few pets and take a nap.

Wayne has had a tendency to bite if he thinks he is boss. He needs a human to teach him boundaries and be firm. Structure is super beneficial to keeping his teeth in his mouth 😁 We also suggest no kids under 8.

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