Age: 10 months

Breed: Beagle

Color: Tri


Adoption fee: $400

Story: Waylon was surrendered to us by his owner

The Beagle Boys are not just any ordinary pups; they are walking, tail-wagging bundles of joy! With their irresistible puppy eyes and noses that are always on an adventure, Waylon and Floyd will charm everyone they meet.

Adorable? Check. Lovable? Double check. Waylon and Floyd’s playful spirit and affectionate make them the heart and soul of any household.

When the boys are not mastering the art of stealing kisses, getting ear scratches or belly rubs, Waylon and Floyd love to amuse themselves, play together or with other dogs.

Treats? Yes, please! Waylon and Floyd have a special weakness for tasty treats and will do just about anything for a delicious snack. Their favorite pastime is snuggling up next to their favorite humans, soaking up all the love and attention he can get.

The Beagle Boys aren’t just pets; they are rays of sunshine that will brighten every day with their boundless energy and endless affection. Whether they are chasing their tails or curled up in your lap, Waylon and Floyd’s charm and cuteness are simply irresistible. Adopting these precious boys means welcoming a lifetime of love, laughter, and the occasional sock-stealing escapade into your home.

Come meet Waylon and Floyd and let them wag their way into your heart!

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