Trident is a male Pyrenees mix. He is a 6-month old sweetheart! He has a beautiful white coat and the cutest puppy-dog eyes! Trident is the perfect combination in that he can be a playful pup at times, but his overall temperament is very gentle and calm. He is extremely loyal and loves to sit right by his person, although he would prefer to literally sit on top of you if he could. He loves affection and gives the sweetest kisses! He is mostly out of the puppy chewing-on-everything stage – but he still loves his toys and treats! His favorite toy is a tennis ball and he loves to play fetch! Trident sleeps all night in his kennel without incident. He is potty trained with minimal accidents and sits quietly by the door when he wants to go outside. He does great around kids and dogs of all sizes. He loves car rides and sits quietly in his kennel or back seat. He is working on basic commands and knows sit, stay and come. Trident is such a good boy – we know he will make an amazing companion for anyone lucky enough to have him!

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