Age: 10 months

Breed: Shepherd mix

Color: Brown

Story: Thresh was pulled from TAW

Thresh is potty trained and crate trained. He will sleep in a crate at night, but also does well being left out. He does not get into things or have accidents overnight. He stays in a crate when his foster is gone during the day; he cries at first but then settles down. Thresh knows sit and walks well on a leash. He is smart and eager to please so he learns fast. Thresh loves to play with other dogs and also loves chasing squirrels in the backyard on a sunny day! He has not been aggressive towards the cats in his foster home, but he will chase them if they run from him so he would do better with confident cats that hold their boundaries.

Thresh loves his people big time and just wants to be by your side. Thresh has had a lot of change in his young life, and therefore is timid in new situations and when meeting new people. He needs a person or family who will be patient and consistent with him, and show him that they aren’t going to abandon him. As a young working breed dog he will do best with consistent training and regular exercise.

Thresh is the sweetest boy who just wants someone to hang out with (and lean on)! He’s doing amazing with potty training and will tell you when he needs to go out. He sleeps in his crate at night and during the day when his fosters are out of the house. He will cry occasionally but is getting used to his crate so fast. He loves other dogs and doesn’t play rough because he’d rather run around and be chased! He’s getting used to the cats in his foster home and has been so gentle with the children he’s met. He can be a little shy when meeting new people or going to new places, but after just a minute or two he’s the happiest, friendliest boy! He’s working on basic commands and leash training, but is so motivated to make people happy! Thresh would be the BEST buddy for anyone who wants a dog that’s happy to chill with you at home or go an adventures, as long as he’s with you!

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