Age: 13 weeks

Breed: Heeler mix

Color: Black

Story: Thorin and his litter were dumped on a rural road

Thorin is a chatty little guy who loves to be around you to know what you’re up to! He’s super polite – when you walk up to his pen or crate, he sits and waits to move until you pet him – and prefers to lay next to you or nearby than right in your lap. He sleeps all night in either a puppy pen or a crate and hangs out quietly in a puppy pen with his brother during the day while his fosters work from home. He’s doing great with potty pad training and goes potty right when he goes outside. He is playful with his much bigger foster friend and thinks cats are super interesting but learned not to chase them with one lil smack from a cat. When he has the space, he LOVES to run big laps around you! If you want the cutest shadow buddy with eyes that tell you everything he’s thinking, Thorin is your guy!

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