The Disney Litter Tests Positive For Parvo

We don’t even know how to ask again. We’re not sure why these things keep happening but we have another litter who broke with parvo. This is our Disney litter: Olaf, Alice, Donald, Rapunzel, Bambi, and Cinderella. They are tiny, about 1-2 pound schnauzer/poodle mixes. There are 6 of them. So far, 4 are showing symptoms. We have 0 funds to help them. We’ve used all our resources on other recent medical emergencies. We are going to have to make decisions if we don’t have any funds and we want so badly to give them a chance.

Also, we are looking for anyone who is experienced in fostering parvo puppies. We would like someone to be able to take the stronger ones who haven’t broke yet and give them at home care. This would save tremendous amounts on our bill and give the sick ones more money for more treatment.

Here is the GoFundMe for the Disney litter! We just received a donation of $1,500 on our PayPal from an angel! So this donation is not included in this, but this is our goal amount to get these babies through this horrible disease.

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