Tessa is a female pittie mix around a year old! She was a mama dog, so it is now her turn to shine! Tessa is the sweetest petite pittie! She loves to run around outside, but also enjoys being inside with her foster parents during the day. She is very affectionate and loves to cuddle and rest her chin on you. She is also potty trained, and has learned to love her crate after only a couple weeks of crate training! Sometimes she will even put herself to bed in her crate when she gets tired after a long day of playing. She takes a little extra time to warm up to other dogs, but after a few minutes of sniffing and getting to know the other dog, she wants to play. We are working on loose leash walking and “leave it” when we see squirrels or other small animals outside. Tessa has so much love to give and would make a great addition to an active family with a secure privacy fence! (She can climb chain link)

Watch Tessa show off her sitting skills here!

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