Age: 18 weeks

Breed: Husky mix

Color: Brown

Story: She was born outside to mama Azalea

Terra, the lovable and affectionate little puppy who will steal your heart with her endless supply of kisses and playful spirit. While Terra may still be in the process of mastering potty training, her loving nature and cuddly demeanor make her a cherished companion for any family. Terra has excelled in crate training and feels safe and secure in her cozy den. Her crate serves as a sanctuary where she can relax and unwind, providing her with a sense of comfort and security. When it comes to showing affection, Terra is a pro. She loves to shower her humans with kisses and snuggles, spreading happiness and joy wherever she goes. Her wagging tail and eager spirit make it clear that she is a loving and devoted companion.

Although Terra has not yet had the opportunity to explore the world on a leash, her curiosity and eagerness to learn are boundless. With a bit of patience and guidance, she is sure to adapt quickly and embrace the adventures that come with leash walking. With her lovable nature and charming personality, Terra is a treasured addition to any family. As she continues to grow and learn, she is sure to bring boundless love and laughter to all who have the pleasure of knowing her.

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