Age: 1 year 7 months

Breed: Blue Heeler mix

Color: Black/Tan

Weight: 38 lbs

Story: He was abandoned by his owner.

Taz is a tough young boy, but he is the sweetest. He knows how to give those puppy eyes! He’s is adjusting to family life very well! He loves to play, and to be by his humans. He has energy that is getting worked off with normal play and daily walks. He is a good eater, although is being fed singularly since he wants to eat everyone’s food! He should grow out of this as soon as he learns he doesn’t have to fend for himself anymore. He has slept through the night in his kennel and has not had any accidents in the house, nor vehicle! He barks when he wants to play or when guarding but not offensively. He has gone to puppy camp and did excellent with a group of new friends. He knows sit and is doing good with other commands. He loves to play in the sprinkler. Taz wants a buddy, someone who is going to value his kindness, energy and intelligence!


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