Age: 4 months
DOB: 11/14/22

Breed: Husky mix

Color: Black/tan

Story: Sposh was rescued from the Midwest City Shelter

Sposh is a lover. He wants to snuggle and play all day. He enjoys belly rubs. He is obsessed with mud play! He creates mud with his water bowl. He tends to roll in it as much as possible and then pounces on you as he comes inside. Sposh does well with other dogs. He is one that likes to be in the other dogs face and lick them. He will need a place where the other dogs are relaxed. He doesn’t like to share the food bowl, but we are working on that. He is learning how to sit and find the crate. He sleeps in the crate at night. We will start the leash training this week!

Sposh has been diagnosed with a mild heart murmur. This should not cause him any long-term issues.

*Updated photos comings soon – these are not age accurate.

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