Smoosh is a 10 week old Pitbull mix. This brindle baby was found all by himself when he was just 5 weeks old. He is thriving in his foster home now and can prove it with his very plump puppy belly! He is the happiest little guy, with the wiggliest booty! Smoosh loves to hug around your neck when he’s excited to see you! Smoosh also loves smooches 😉 This boy is a kisser!

He is so smart for his young age. He has “sit” down, and even rings the bell to go outside when he needs to. He knows what you mean when you tell him “no” and will (mostly) stop what he’s doing when told. He sleeps in his bed in his crate through the night, and only has accidents on the pad occasionally at night. Smoosh will make a great family dog! He may need supervision for small kids right now, as he has sharp little piranha teeth!

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