Age: 7 weeks

Breed: Chow mix

Color: Black

Weight: 6 lbs

Adoption fee: $360

Story: He was born under a shed.

Sitka is a darling little bear who loves to cuddle! He plays well with his sister and foster siblings but prefers lots of cuddles and napping! He likes being outside and exploring but when he is done exploring, he is ready for his nap. He gets along great with all dogs. He has not been around the resident kitten yet and has not been around anyone younger than 15. I am sure with time and proper introductions he would do fine with both. He is doing well with potty training as long as he is taken out regularly. He does have an accident if you don’t. He does sleep in his crate with his sister and they enjoy cuddling together. They also stay in their crate with their foster parents are away from home. Sitka is a very loveable puppy and will fit great into a family that will play with him and then give him lots of cuddles!

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