Age: 21 weeks

Breed: Pittie mix

Color: Black/white

Story: Silver was rescued from the Ada shelter with her litter and mama Tibby

Silver is literally perfection. She is potty trained, crated trained, knows how to sit and is working on shake. She absolutely loves other dogs and people but everyone is chopped liver when a child is involved. She may love other dogs and people but she LOVES kids and is OBSESSED with the 4 year old in the foster home. She has the wiggliest butt every time she sees kids and can’t contain how happy she is. Silver is very affectionate and will do anything for a treat. Very food motivated and jumps like a kangaroo when it is dinner time. She is a puppy so she does chew on things if they are not put up but you can’t blame her for wanting to chew on an awesome house shoe. Anyone who adopts Silver won’t regret it, especially if they have kids.

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