Age: 7 weeks

Breed: Boxer mix

Color: Brown

Story: Shrum was born into the rescue to mama Charley

Shrum is the smallest of the 3 at 3.4lbs. She loves to be held and cuddled and prefers adults/kids over her brother and sister the majority of the time. She is working hard on potty training, but at only 8 weeks, it’s been a slow process. She hasn’t been introduced to a crate yet. She hangs with her 2 siblings in a puppy pen when humans aren’t around where she also sleeps at night. Shrum and her siblings love their roommate who is a 5yo “Shih-Poo”, but she hasn’t been around cats. She enjoys playing with the 4 and 8 year old children that she currently lives with. She is just the sweetest thing and she is already very obedient. She never wanders too far from her humans and always seems to be waiting for them to tell her what to do next.

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