Age: 1 year, 9 months

Breed: Lab mix

Weight: 60 pounds

Color: Brindle

Story: Shelly was surrendered to us by her owner

Shelly is a wonderful, easygoing companion. She loves all people, and bonds to her person quickly and easily. She is happy just being in the same room as her person; she’s never underfoot but always nearby. She loves a thorough ear-scratching but her favorite pastime is sitting on the couch every evening holding hands with her person! It’s so adorable!

She loves walks, car rides, errands, brain games, the outdoors, and cold weather. Her manners on outings are outstanding. She does great on a leash and everyone comments on her calm demeanor and friendliness. She is very adaptable; she is happy to lounge around for hours, or equally happy to be on the go!

Shelly is treat-motivated and knows basic commands and even a few tricks. She is house-trained (ringing bells on the door to go out) and is crate-trained for day or night as needed. She never has an accident even when left roaming the house while her person is at work.Shelly needs to be an “only dog”, but would be fine with older kids. If you want a loving companion, Shelly is your girl!

In August, Shelly was diagnosed with a luxating patella in her hind legs. She had surgery on the leg that was causing her pain, and is now showing no signs of trouble with either leg. During her recovery, she began to favor one of her front legs. We had her front legs x-rayed twice and both vets indicated there are no signs of structural problems. She appears to be overusing the front leg to compensate for the weaker hind leg (which she had surgery on). We are currently working to strengthen the back leg, while minimizing opportunity for overuse of the front leg, and are hopeful this will leave her healthier than ever.

– Ear scratches
– No other dogs in the home
– Lots of hand-holding

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