Age: 5 months

Breed: Heeler mix

Color: Tri-color

Story: Shandy was found as a stray

Shandy is enjoying life with a happy-go-lucky attitude. She is still up to the usual puppy things- teething, nibbling and potty training. Shandy is great with other dogs and kiddos. (Not sure about cats) She is a bit shy at first when meeting new people. It takes Shandy about a half hour to fully warm up to you.

Shandy goes down for a nap once a day in her crate and stays in there when we leave + when she sleeps at night. She does great in the crate except for in the morning when she wants to get up to start the day. We let her free range sometimes in the house unsupervised for short periods of time as long as the house is “puppy proofed”. Shandy does a pretty great job at sticking to chewing her toys and not human things. Shandy is also wonderful at walking on a leash and coming when you call her!

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