Rosetta – ADOPTED

Age: 10 weeks

Breed: Chihuahua mix

Color: Brown

Weight: 4 lbs

Adoption fee: $360

Story: Rosetta was surrendered to us by her owner

Rosetta is just a little sweetheart. She loves to play, and she loves to cuddle. She will lean into you when you pick her up for a cuddle and give you the sweetest little kisses on your chin when she learns to trust you. Rosetta sleeps through the night with her sister in a play pen and doesn’t make a sound until she hears her human stirring in the morning. She’s doing great with potty training, always using the pads when inside and preferring to go outside when it’s warm enough. Rosetta is somewhat shy of new people and dogs she doesn’t know, but she responds well to a patient approach and is very loving once she realizes she’s in a safe place. Little Rosetta will steal your heart when you get to know her!

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