Age: 3 years 6 months

Breed: Shepherd mix

Weight: 80 lbs

Color: Brown/White

Story: Rex was threatened to be shot and then surrendered to us by his owner. After being adopted out, he was then returned.

Rex is the most loyal boy. He truly loves to be around his people and will follow you from room to room! He is very laid back and loves to just relax all day with his people! Rex tolerates the presence of other dogs as long as they match his personality and are laid back! He sleeps all through the night on the floor next to his fosters bed, and will wake you up in the morning by gently laying his head on the end of your bed. Rex is fully potty trained and does not chew on things he is not supposed to! He enjoys going on short walks in the day but mostly just wants to relax with you! Rex is such a good boy and is waiting for his forever home!


– A fun, loving fam

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