Winter Weather Rescues

WE HAVE THE MOST AMAZING COMMUNITY! Last week, we were able to save 30 dogs from the cold and from euthanasia because of all of the incredible people who stepped up!

During this time, we also realized we were going to have to close our boarding facility due to road conditions & we got every dog & pup out of there as well! That is about 50 dogs we were able to get fosters for in ONE WEEK. Below you can see some of the dogs that were able to rescue! We can’t wait to show you all the after photos.

All these dogs were so lucky to have families step up for them and give them a chance. Instead of being outdoors in negative temps, freezing to death and terrified, they are in warm homes getting lots of love. If you were unable to foster, but would still like to help our mission, we are in need of many physical items! We are flying through our supplies with so many new kiddos!

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