PH Takes A Hit

SAD NEWS - Puppy Haven has taken a huge financial hit in the month of February

If you haven't seen already, we lost four 4-week old puppies: Lemon, Theodore, Dudley, and Harlowe. These sweet angels died due to Canine Hepatitis infection. This extremely rare disease is devastating to young puppies.  We took the four puppies, and their remaining brother Fitzgerald, in at just 1 day old. They had been abandoned by their mother. We bottle fed them, and then found a mother who had milk remaining from her litter who nursed them. We are so happy to have continued their life for as long as we could. If only it had been long enough to meet you. The medical care was more than Puppy Haven could manage and we ask your help and thank you for helping us do what we could for Lemon, Theodore, Dudley, and Harlowe.

On top of our four Angels, our senior lab, DJ, became very ill with an infection in the brain. After having multiple examinations and brain scans, we were fortunate enough to discover that it was only an infection and he is now on the mend. DJ was had been chained up in his backyard throughout his life, and his owner was planning to shoot him. Breanne fought like crazy to him into the rescue, and we fought like crazy to keep him healthy!

The medical bills have piled up between our DJ and precious Angels. Puppy Haven asks that if you have anything to give toward their medical costs, please donate! We are so thankful to those of you who can donate even a small amount. If you cannot donate, we appreciate just spreading the word about Puppy Haven and our current financial struggle!

THANK YOU! From, Lemon, Dudley, Theodore, Harlowe, and DJ♥

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