Age: 16 weeks

Breed: Catahoula mix

Color: Black/tan

Story: Pepa was born in the rescue to mama Casita

Pepa is a very special girl. She will steal your heart and you will definitely fall in love with her. She’s an independent little girl, and can be a little on the stubborn side. She’s very smart and she learns fast and she will work for treats. Pepa gets along great with all sizes of dogs. She loves to run outside and chase them and play. She loves to sleep behind your legs. She sleeps in her crate all night. She is completely potty trained – she will go to the door and cry to go out when she needs to potty. Pepa loves kids and her people. Pepa loves to play keep away and will hide with her toy in her crate! She is very silly. You will absolutely fall in love with her! She’s a precious little girl.

We do have to disclose that this litter was sick with distemper when they were first born. While they are perfectly healthy now, they cannot be around unvaccinated dogs for the first year of their life as they can still shed the virus. These guys are ready for their forever home, but we do advise keeping them from public dog parks in order keep other Tulsa pups healthy!

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