Pebbles is a female terrier mix. Pebbles has been let down by people over and over again in her young life and is timid and afraid when she meets new people or is in a new environment. Give her a few days to learn to trust you and it is absolutely amazing the transformation she will make. She quickly becomes a sweet, cuddly, playful pup that’s bursting with personality. She loves playing fetch outside, treats, and cuddling. She is potty trained and is very well behaved when left in a bedroom while we’re at work. All she needs is someone to show her what it’s like to be loved and she will be the most loyal and loving companion. She gets scared when other dogs are too wild around her so until she gains more confidence she’d probably do best in a household where she is the only dog or where there is an older calm dog. She will make a great family dog.

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