Age: 3 months

Breed: Pit/Pyrenees mix

Color: Brown/white

Story: Patty was rescued with her litter and mama from euthanasia

Everyone needs a Patty in their life. She is a bundle of joy and love. She is still a baby and working on potty training. She is starting to connect the treat and celebration to going outside, but sometimes playing with her foster siblings takes priority and she makes a mistake. She sleeps all night in a crate that has a pee pad in it, just in case. We are home most of the time, but when we have to leave she stays in her crate. She loves to play with all other dogs- big and little-and has found her voice. She has no fear and loves children, teens and adults. She loves to snuggle and sleep in your arms like a baby. She is so soft and cute. She is already learning to sit and leave it. She is a princess looking for her own kingdom to rule.

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