Age: 15 weeks

Breed: Pittie mix

Color: Black/white

Story: Pacsun was born in rescue to mama Lula

Pacsun is the sweetest, cuddliest, bounciest boy around. We’re pretty sure his back legs are made out of springs! He bounces up to greet you and if you sit down with him he will climb right in your lap for cuddles and kisses. He loves playing with other dogs, especially his big foster brothers. He respects the space of the geriatric dog in the home. He is interested in the kitties in the home but is not aggressive. He does need to be reminded not to chase them sometimes but he redirects quickly. He is working on basic training and is doing great! He is a smart boy and a fast learner. He stays in a gated kitchen when his foster isn’t home and is starting on crate training. He sleeps with his foster mom and brothers and sleeps through the night without accidents. Some very lucky person or family is going to fall in love with this boy and they will never be short on cuddles or smiles!

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