Age: 12 weeks

Breed: Terrier mix

Color: White/gray

Story: Nix was found as a stray

Nyx is just a fun, sweet puppy who is learning how to be part of the family! She was found as a stray by herself, but she is definitely meant for the house life! She is doing great with potty training so far. Nyx enjoys hanging out in the yard with her foster fam and is exploring more each day. She would love to have another dog to play with in her forever home. Nyx sleeps in her kennel all night and does fine in there when her foster family is away. She even takes herself in there for naps with the door open. Nyx is still very much a puppy and is learning to play without biting and be gentle. She is certainly not aggressive, but needs to be redirected to toys and with positive reinforcement. Good thing she loves to play with toys! She is starting to work on commands and is very smart. Nyx loves playing with dogs and kids, and rides in the car like a champ! She loves to cuddle up for naps on the couch when playtime is over.

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