Taya is a female lab mix around 2 years old. She and her 11 puppies were found as strays living under a carport. She was skin and bones when we took her in, and she tested positive for erchilia and heartworm. She has since been treated. As shown below, she also had one eye that had at some point experienced some trauma. Upon her spay, her eye was removed and it will no longer bother her. She’s just as in high spirits! This girl is resilient and so sweet. She reminds us how lucky we are to have dogs. Her love is so pure despite everything she’s been through.

She loves praise and attention, head and ear rubs, and it’s obvious she will be loyal and devoted to her humans. She notices everything, hears everything, and is very smart. Having only one eye isn’t slowing her down one bit! She has some obvious lab traits, is food motivated and should be easy to train. She is pottying outside, and started to go on walks with her foster sisters. Taya is learning “sit”. She knows “crate” and will go in willingly when you tell her. She sleeps quietly all night in her crate as long as she goes out to potty before she goes to bed. She is easy to love and will reward her forever humans with love and devotion. She loves chewing on a good nylabone.

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