Age: 12 weeks

Breed: Pyrenees mix

Color: Black/white

Story: Ned and his litter were rescued from the Anadarko shelter with their mama Taco Bell

Ned is a teddy bear. He is equal parts sweet and dramatic. He can be timid and shy at first but will smother you with kisses once he warms up to you. He is easily frightened by loud noises such as the dryer or vacuum as well as any sudden movements. He enjoys giving hugs and kisses. He loves playing and wrestling with his fur siblings. He loves toys, treats, and meal time! He sleeps well in the crate all night with no accidents and enjoys spending the day in his play pen. He is doing well with only going potty outside as long as he’s taken out regularly. He would do well in a house with children and other dogs. He has not been around cats.

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