Naya is a female shepherd mix around a year old. In just a short month, she has gone from being a stray to being almost completely house trained. She is still working on making it known that she has to go to the bathroom, but she will hold it until she is taken outside. She will sit and lay down on command, and she knows to sit down before getting her leash put on and before coming back inside. She does super well in her crate. She sleeps in there at night and doesn’t make a sound!

She is the most loyal puppy ever and always wants to be with you touching you! When you get home or when she is meeting someone new, she will greet you with the biggest smile you have ever seen! She never barks or growls unless she senses danger of some sort. She has endless amounts of energy and will make a toy out of anything! If she isn’t crated, she isn’t sleeping! She loves to play with other dogs, however it does take her a few minutes to warm up. However, we do not recommend her for a home with kiddos.

Her favorite things are: belly rubs, toys, food, and running around outside. Her hidden talent is she is an excellent soccer player! We still don’t know how this sweet thing ended up being a stray, but we do know she would make anyone’s life more joyful with her cuddles and kisses!

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