Nash is a male shepherd mix around 5 months old. He is the sweetest pup who loves all the affection! He is very well mannered for being so young. He is almost fully potty trained, does wonderfully in his crate, knows how to use a dog door, and is a perfect gentleman in the car. He likes the company of other dogs, but is not one to rough house. He also knows how to keep himself entertained on his own. He prefers to eat his meals away from other dogs though. He knows the word “No” and comes when called. He does not chew on things he’s not supposed to, but we are still working on puppy biting (it’s his way of giving affection back). He is is medium energy level as he loves running around outside, but settles in quietly when it’s inside time. Nash would not do well in a home with cats or small critters! He is okay with small dogs though.