Mozzarella came from a high-kill shelter, and was facing euthanasia with her puppies. We are so glad we have her now, but what breaks our heart is we will never know the full extent of what this poor girl has been through in her past. What we do know is this mama has had several litters in her lifetime as we were told by the vet. She is older, estimated to be about 7 (way too old to have a litter of pups). She has battle scars on her face. Something is wrong with her back legs. She has trouble walking and has probably struggled for years according to the vet. She also has a mass in one of her mammary glands that we are praying is benign. We may never know everything about her past, but we do know her future. Her future will be full of love. We know she is the missing piece to someone’s home. She’s somebody’s soul dog & we won’t stop until we find them.