Age: 3 years

Breed: Yorkie mix

Color: Tan/ Black

Story: Milan was born into the rescue and adopted our as a pup. She was then returned due to needing medical care.

Milan is absolutely the sweetest girl! She used to spend most of her time laying around relaxing until she was able to have surgery to fix her hind leg last October. She is much more active now and enjoys running around with her furry friends. She is very food motivated and will do almost anything for a treat! She prefers women to men but does warm up once she gets to know them. She would be fine as an only dog but really does enjoy the company of a friend. She loves to lay right beside you but doesn’t demand constant attention. She is a great girl!

Milan does have some remaining medical requirements. She currently takes a medication for bladder control. She would have little dribbles if she were not taking Incurin (1mg 30 pack – 35.39). The dribbling was likely linked to all of her other issues bc of bad genetics, her hind limbs needing surgery, etc. She also takes Galliprant for arthritis/joints and Glycoflex for joint support. She is enjoying the joint food Nature Balance, “On the Move”. Nothing slows her down though!

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