Michael Myers

Age: 7 weeks, DOB 9/1/22

Breed: Kelpie mix


Story: Michael Myers was born in rescue to mama Clea

Michael Myers is not nearly as scary as his name suggests! He is just the opposite – completely chill and oh-so-sweet! He makes the cutest little puppy noises when he is happy – and loves to be held. And, he is so handsome! He is an Australian Kelpie mix with a cute white patch on his chest and the slightest bit of brindle on his paws combined with his black fur. He does great with bigger dogs and with children. He also loves his exercise pen area and will play quietly there with his toys when it’s time to rest. He sleeps all night in his kennel with his siblings with minimal accidents. He is working on potty pad and house training, but doing great so far. Michael Myers will be a fabulous addition to any family lucky enough to have him!

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