Age: 15 weeks

Breed: Pittie mix

Color: Black

Story: Merida was found in the country

Merida is very friendly and very comfortable with other dogs. The lady who picked her up has a ranch in Haskell where 6 dogs, camels, Llamas and Kangaroos reside, and she did fine being around other animals. She is crate trained and as far as potty training, she has only had one accident in the house. Merida is adventuresome and curious. She had no problem climbing stairs when her sister was a bit hesitant.

Merida is the brave one as compared to her sibling, She is very smart. She knows how to sit before eating her food. She loves her crate and is very quiet through the night. She will occasionally bark, but is overall very quiet. She loves riding in a car and she has been exposed to a leash, but is not walking on one yet. She just wants to be loved and near her owner.

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