Age: 1 year
DOB: 3/21/2023

Breed: Shepherd mix

Color: Brown/gray

Story: She was born to mama Carmine, then recently returned due to no fault of her own. She is a part of the Donut litter.

There are just too many good things to say about sweet Malasada. Due to the very recent change in her life, she can be a little unsure of new situations and a little guarded, but her foster parents are working on boosting her confidence and reassuring her that even though this is a big change, she is very much loved.

Malasada is crate trained (she’s not a fan, but she’ll go in her crate), potty trained, is working on leash manners (and improving every day), and mostly very well mannered in the house. Malasada is great with kids of all ages. She does occasionally jump on her foster parents, but has never tried to jump on her human foster siblings. In fact, Malasada seems to be extra careful around her human foster siblings and loves playing with them and other neighborhood children. Speaking of playing- she LOVES to play with her three (doggo) foster siblings in the house. She would do best in a home with another high energy dog or even multiple other dogs in the house. Malasada has done wonderful with integrating into a new pack, respecting other dogs’ boundaries, and engaging in appropriate play- which is all extraordinary since she had been an only dog prior to being returned to PHR. She loves all kinds of toys, but her favorite is any tug toy! She is really great about making sure she is playing with her toys and not human kid toys.

Malasada enjoys a nice walk in the morning followed by a pup-cup from her local coffee place. She knows a couple basic commands and is working on learning more – she is a very smart young lady. Malasada is also working on manners regarding human food and does her best when she has reminders to not grab things off the counters or tables. Can you blame her? The kids leave all the good stuff right at sniffer level! Like many others in the state of Oklahoma, she is having a really rough allergy season. She is currently on supplements and she is finally getting some relief! Currently, she sleeps in a crate with her foster sister overnight. Malasada can be trusted outside her crate, but her foster parents still like to give her positive crate experiences in case her new family prefers to crate her. She is either crated or free roaming when her foster family leaves the house.

Malasada would make a great addition to any active family. She is looking for her true forever home where she can relax and feel confident that she has finally found her place. She would do best with a family that can match her energy, can keep her physically and mentally engaged throughout the day, and has at least one other dog for companionship. She is also learning ASL commands!

Malasada is absolutely wonderful in every way. We know you would fall head-over-heels in love with her when you meet her, so take her on a sleepover now!

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