Mabel is our longest Puppy Haven resident.

She is a female Anatolian shepherd mix. She was a momma dog, but is ready to just be the center of attention. She is just around two years old, so she is still just youngin’ herself! She is so sweet and will just roll to her back for a belly rub at any chance she has. Mabel loves everyone she meets!

She is an active girl and would love to be in a home where she can run and go on walks. She loves hiking! She has a PH friend who takes her to Turkey mountain. She does GREAT! She also loves car rides – window down, of course (see pictures below).

Mabel would do best in a home with no small critters or cats, and would do best with no young children. She is easily spooked by loud noises and hyperactivity of young kids. We believe Mabel would do fine with older kids who can understand her needs!

Mabel needs a home with a wood, privacy fence! She also would do better if she could be crated when her people are gone for the day. She gets a little anxious when left alone, but who doesn’t in a new place?

What Mabel needs most in her new home is someone who can be patient with her. She needs someone who can teach her how to be an indoor dog with a family who loves her unconditionally. She needs someone who can keep up with her energy level – whether that be walking or running daily, hiking, or running circles in the yard. Mabel needs someone who can be committed to her needs, as she will be committed to them.

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