Age: 5 months

Breed: Shepherd mix

Color: Tan/black


Adoption Fee: $360

Story: Littlefoot came from our Land Before Time litter that was found in a bag as pups; he was recently returned to us due to no fault of his own

Littlefoot is potty trained & crate trained and sleeps in his crate. He is a good leash walker! Littlefoot likes to play with other dogs & gets along with cats. Littlefoot is good in the car but doesn’t think he’s big enough to jump in himself. He is big enough, but not motivated enough. Littlefoot wants a person who he can latch onto & be joined at the hip. He’ll do anything for that person, even if it means to stop chasing the Guinea. He’s pretty low key if he has someone to play with like another dog(s). He’s only about 5 months old so is playful & likes adventures. He was a perfect gentleman on his first trip to TSC.

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