Little Drummer Boy

Age: 12 weeks

Breed: Lab mix

Color: Brown

Story: Little Drummer Boy was found as a stray with his litter and their mama

Little Drummer Boy is the most precious puppy ever! He has stolen the heart of every person who meets him, and has yet to find an animal he doesn’t love also. He plays well with all sizes of dogs. He adapts to every situation well. He loves his person with everything he has, and absolutely loves to be cuddled. He plays hard, but checks in regularly for a few snuggles. He is doing well with potty training, as long as he is the only one being taken outside. Otherwise, he is too distracted by the other dogs to do his business, no matter how long he hangs outside. But if inside, he uses pads 100% if the time.

He sleeps in a puppy pen usually, and doesn’t sleep through the night yet. However, if he sleeps with a person, he sleeps until around 5 or so a.m., which is perfect for any early riser! He walks well on a leash, as long as he is already outside. For some reason he just doesn’t like going out the door on one. He knows some commands, “sit” , “wait”, “come”, “off” and “leave it”. We are working on others. Drummer is an absolute joy who will steal your heart and be a loving, loyal companion for life.

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