Age: 1 year and a half

Breed: Terrier mix

Color: Tan/white

Story: Lennox was rescued from the Blackwell shelter and saved from euthanasia

Lennox is a very sweet girl who takes a little bit to warm up to her people but once she does you will know it! She loves her people well and wants to be close to them. Lennox loves to be in your lap for lots of cuddles and kisses. She demands your attention and will make sure your hand is on her even if she has to move it to her. Lennox also loves to play with her dog toys and her foster dog siblings. Lennox is house trained and crate trained. She has also done well when left out with one of her foster dog siblings when her fosters have been gone for a little while. While Lennox is crate trained, she prefers to sleep in bed right in the middle of her fosters. She loves to be close to her people! Lennox lives with several dogs and does great. There is also a cat but she does not usually venture downstairs into dog territory so Lennox has not had the privilege of being introduced to the cat. She may with time be fine with a cat with proper introduction. Lennox has not been around anyone younger than 15 since we have fostered her and probably would be best with older children and adults. Lennox is such a sweet girl and once she warms up, she will give you lots of cuddles, belly rubs and kisses!

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